Easy 4 Step Plan To Get Back On Track

Let’s Do This!! First of all, when you make eating healthy and working out a lifestyle there really is no such thing as “getting off track”.  Every treat meal, missed workout, lazy day, etc. is all just part of a balanced lifestyle. When I have a relaxing day, vacation, or sick day I use this Easy 4 […]

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Festival Fun!!

Don’t Self-Sabotage during Festival/Holiday seasons I live in Louisiana, the land of fun, food, festivals, and all things celebrations!!  Ya’ll we know how to celebrate and we usually celebrate BIG with food.  There’s always food. I’ve come to realize that no matter what season of the year we’re in, there is always a holiday and […]

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Setting SMART Goals

Did you know that 31% of New Year’s Resolutions are abandoned by the second week of the New Year and 50% are abandoned by the end of the month! Not to mention those who planned one but never got started on the first day. Whatever your resolution may have been, organizing, reading, more rest, working […]

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Healthy Eats & Treats For The Big Game

One of my favorite things about football games are the parties!  I love gathering with friends and family and eating good food.  But I don’t always want to sabotage healthy eating with all the high calories, high fat foods that tend to accompany these parties.  Here are a few healthy foods to bring to your […]

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5 Tips To Sticking With Your Workouts

I know we value our workouts.  They help us reach our goals, keep us healthy, energized, or simply having more confidence, but sometimes it can seem almost impossible to make them fit into our busy schedules.  No matter how important they are to us it can often seem like something always gets in the way.  […]

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Cashew Butter Brownies

Cashew Butter Brownie I love treats but I don’t always love how they make me feel, so I make alternatives that won’t result in sugar overload but still leaves me completely satisfied. This Cashew Brownie is so rich and decadent, you’d never know if doesn’t have refine sugar. Ingredients 1 Tbsp Chia Seeds 3 Tbsp […]

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